State License: CDPH-T00002183

Reviewed and Approved by the Soil King! 

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Find our chocolates at these dispensaries

Zen Garden Wellness

2201 Northgate Blvd Suite H,
Sacramento, CA 95833


Love In It Co-Op

10464 Lansing St
Mendocino, CA 95460


KURE Wellness

800 Lake Mendocino Dr
Ukiah, CA 95482



17555 E Kirtland Way
Fort Bragg, CA 95437


Compassionate Heart

190 Kuki Rd
Ukiah, CA 95482


Herban Legends

17875 N CA-1
Fort Bragg, CA 5437-8301


Chocolates with Galactic Inspiration

Beautiful, high quality, delicious edibles to take you into the cosmos and back.
Your Choice: Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate or Sugar Free. 


Our edibles use ingredients from small farmers that use sustainable growing practices. Made with optimism for our fellow people, and deep regard for our planet.

Small Batches

OGC are made in small batches with love, time, and care from Laytonville, California by an award winning chef, restaurant owner, chocolatier, and college professor of the culinary arts.

Q Fermentation

When we created OGC we wanted the highest quality possible, that’s only possible by using the Q Fermentation process which captures the purest, richest flavor from the Cacao Barry.


Every one of our chocolates has a unique colorful swirl inspired by galaxies and capturing the art that goes into every step of our process from farming the cannabis, to fermenting the cacao barry, and combining it all into a beautiful experience.

Our Story

Generations of experience in the culinary and cannabis arts come together to create Outer Galactic Chocolates. Beautiful, high quality, delicious edibles to take you into the cosmos and back. All natural, all sustainable, all made with love, time, and care.

Our mission is to create a unique edible experience inspired by the planet and with respect to the people, creatures, and plants that exist on it with us.

Our chocolates come in three versions: Milk, Dark, and Sugar Free.

The Team


Chocolatier & Cosmic Nut

Jim has over 30 years culinary experience as a Chef, baking and pastry chef, and more recently chocolatier whose experience includes teaching culinary classes at a college level, restaurant owner, chef at major resorts and restaurants.


Business Partner & Tester

Jeff is a long time Mendocino cannabis farmer, family man, community man, and environmental activist with over 30 years of cannabis farming experience.

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